evaporates, evaporating, evaporated
1) V-ERG When a liquid evaporates, or is evaporated, it changes from a liquid state to a gas, because its temperature has increased.

Moisture is drawn to the surface of the fabric so that it evaporates...

[be V-ed] The water is evaporated by the sun. [Also V n]

Derived words:
evaporation [[t]ɪvæ̱pəre͟ɪʃ(ə)n[/t]] N-UNCOUNT

High temperatures also result in high evaporation from the plants...

The soothing, cooling effect is caused by the evaporation of the sweat on the skin.

2) VERB If a feeling, plan, or activity evaporates, it gradually becomes weaker and eventually disappears completely.

My anger evaporated and I wanted to cry...

Your dreams always seem to evaporate, and nothing ever quite matches expectations...

The project evaporated and Harry was left high and dry.

English dictionary. 2008.

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